Company Info

Manny Vargas has been conducting wave riding and adventure tours since 2003. He has been going to destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Indonesia since the 80's. That's over 25 years of traveling experience and he's ready to share the stoke of travel with you. Safety and attention to detail are both on the top of the list when organizing your next adventure.

Manny V is a professional bodyboarder by trade. Bodyboarding has given him the ticket to see the world. He still loves to get pitted on the bodyboard but also has a quiver of all types of wave riding vehicles for all types of waves. As a former California State Lifeguard, Manny V knows that preventative measures are key when it comes to safety. In fact, safety is his number priority with all Baja Weekender trips. He has mapped out all hospitals near all surf breaks just in case emergencies arise. Rest assured, Manny V takes his group's safety seriously. He'll also take the extra time to teach you about the ocean, tell you about the unwritten words of surf etiquette and he'll even teach you how to order fish tacos in Spanish (Baja-life skills)!

Manny V's passion for water photography works in your favor. Of course, he'll join you out in the line up and give you tips on riding and reading the ocean but he wants to make sure you walk away from his trips with professional quality photos. He'll also video as much as he can for your 'Trip Video.' He's equipped with his fast Canon 7D and an action sports video camera. When you return home, you'll always be able to go back and relive those amazing days with high resolution imagery and HD videos. 


"Riding waves, taking photos and showing people a great time is what I love to do. Plain and simple. If I can do that in my own backyard or at exotic locations, even better. I do have to admit... when I see the stoke on people's faces when they watch their videos and photos at the end of the trip, I realize this is exactly what I want to do... share the stoke." - Manny V