With Manny V as your surf/tour guide, safety is priority number one.



You don't have to worry about anything except to have a great time.



We will search and find empty waves just for you and the group.

Call or Email


1-619-788-2456 - 9am-5pm PST or Email anytime This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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    As a fellow traveler and/or globetrotter, Manny V and his staff go all out to give you the best service. With over 12 years of creating and organizing surf travel, he's come to realize one simple thing... you work hard for your money. You don't have to work hard on your vacation.



    As your Surf/Tour Guide, Manny V will hammer out all the details to ensure that your trip runs smooth and hassle-free. You won't have to worry about the little things or the big things. Baja Weekender is all-inclusive and all out fun. You're in good hands with Manny V.
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    Two Solid Days

    In Baja

    Once we load up the gear and boards in San Diego, it's straight to the surf. Your surf break options will range from epic beach breaks to long point breaks. Throw in delicious meals and you'll realize there's really no time to take a four hour siesta.

    Surf Search


    Mother nature is in control. The ocean will decide when and where we will surf. But with Manny V's expertise on all of Northern Baja's breaks, he will get you to the best spots on any given swell, wind directions and all the other good stuff that have an effect on surf conditions.
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    Baja Weekender surf trips tap out at 5 wave riders. Unless specified, all trips are open to all wave riding vehicles and any skill levels. Manny V will take into account skill levels of the entire group as a whole and will get the group to the waves that everyone will enjoy.



    Manny V suggests rallying up your own crew of 5 friends and family and lock in one of the available dates posted. He will then, take that weekend and make it only available to your posse and not to the public. That way, you and your group will surf together at your own breaks.

Professional Photography

Manny V is ready to capture your awesome Baja surf adventure!

Photos Included

You'll get access to your own private photo gallery. You'll get 1024px images for free and have the option to purchase high resolution digital files and high quality prints (awesome prints to epic canvas wraps). Plus, you can get your surf photos on cool merchandise like playing cards and coffee mugs.

Land And/Or Water Video Clips

Manny V will be shooting video while shooting photos at the same time. Both in and out of the water.

Video Clips Included

While on land, Manny V will be shooting photos with a Canon 100-400mm lens and videoing with an HD Sony video camera. While in the water, Manny V will be shooting photos with a fish-eye lens while videoing in HD720 with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Both are yours... for free.

Baja... What It Really Means.

Baja Weekender

Manny V, your Spanish-speaking surf guide, has been going to Baja since he was born. But it wasn't until he was 15 years old when he found the endless coastline just minutes from his home in San Diego. Now, he wants to share that with you and goes the extra step to ensure a safe and fun experience.



Baja Weekender is all about making sure you have the best Baja surfing experience possible. With over 25 years of Baja Experience, Manny V takes preventative safety measures to ensure a fun worry-free trip.

Surf Adventure

It's almost like having your own professional magazine photo shoot! It's not until you get home when you realize how awesome it is to have your own professional photographer/videographer on your surf trip.

Passport Required

Your international surf trip starts with a passport. Baja Mexico, even though it's minutes from downtown San Diego, is a foreign country. And to get back home to your friends and family, you will need a valid passport.

10-Point Checklist

When you book your trip, you'll be sent the 10-Point Baja Weekender Checklist. This guide will help you get dialed in for your two-day action packed Baja surf adventure.

Download Yours Here

Travel Insurance

Kiku, fellow Baja Weekender'er, is our go to for travel insurance. Not only is it super affordable but it gives you that security blanket that'll calm any nerves if you need to cancel, for instance.


Huge thanks to the crew at Surfival and SUPvival Kits. They have been very supportive and we're stoked to have a very cool prize for the Surf Monkey Award winners. You need this kit in your car/truck.

Epic Baja

Baja Weekender was created for you to enjoy Baja without the worries or hassles of driving, where to surf, where to eat and how to negotiate each surf break. This is your calling for empty waves and great adventures.

Wave Solutions Housings

If you want a high-quality water housing for your camera, go to our friend Nunito. He's based in Portugal but ships worldwide. Handcrafted to your specifications. I use it with confidence.